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Part-time Controller Services

Trusted Controller Services

Image of business team working in officePlanning for your business's future and long-term success requires more than just reliable accounting to encourage profitable growth. Having a team of experienced fractional controllers in your corner can make all the difference for your small business. Since 1994, E-Accountinghas helped small business owners with fractional controller services.

Our controllers combine their fifteen years of industry experience, accounting skills, and in-depth financial understanding to deliver organized and honest solutions. Our goal is to help you grow your business through valuable insight and real-world strategies tailored to your unique venture.

We can meet with you at our office, your place of business, coffee house, or conduct virtual meetings if needed. Our Team is also happy to assist you after hours when necessary. If you're looking for trusted financial help that goes beyond traditional accounting, contact our firm to schedule your complimentary consultation today!

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What are Outsourced Controllers?

Image of accountants working together at a table with laptops.Outsourced / Part-time /  Fractional controllers manage financial operations to provide strategic initiatives that will drive the growth of your business. They are valued for their extensive knowledge of business accounting, finances, and financial software. Fractional controllers are concerned mainly with precise accounting, organizing vital data, and diligent reporting.

The high costs of hiring a full-time controller can leave small business owners with limited opportunities to receive this expert assistance. At E-Accounting, you can rely on our fractional controller services to fulfill this critical role, helping your company achieve long-term profitability.

Are Outsourced Controller Services Right for My Business?

Our controller services include regular supervising of the financial activities and managerial accounting tasks of your business. This may mean serving as your part-time CFO as well. If your company needs a team of professionals to take partial control of all financial activities, our firm's controller services may be right for you!

What Can Your Fractional Controllers Do for My Business?

As your leading accountants and designers of practical financial leadership strategies, we can:

  • Review month-end data to prepare financial statements
  • Reconcile month-end accounts
  • Prepare budget plans
  • Project cashflow 
  • Prepare weekly & monthly dashboards for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Input, process account payable, vendor invoices & collections
  • Prepare weekly cash reports
  • Ensure accurate & timely payroll payments
  • Oversee clerical staff & review reconciliations
  • Review or prepare bank reconciliations
  • Review accounts receivable collections
  • Prepare & review balance sheets
  • Prepare & review profit & loss reports with management
  • Prepare financial statements with explanations of significant variances
  • Prepare earnings forecasts to the end of the current and following fiscal years
  • Work with management to establish financial best practices

Why Choose Outsourced Fractional Controllership?

Image of business team looking at financial graphAt E-Accounting, our controllers have helped countless businesses in various industries. This gives us a more comprehensive range of expertise for developing financial strategies and practical solutions for assisting companies in numerous markets. We tailor our knowledge to meet your unique business needs. We work towards achievable goals, help you identify growth opportunities, and limit areas of financial weakness.

Additionally, we provide services weekly under a monthly flat fee arrangement. This ensures you only pay for what you need. You'll have access to all the benefits of a fulltime controller team without the hefty expenses that come with it.

7 Benefits from Fractional Controller Assistance

When working with our team, typical benefits include:

  1. More time to focus on new services, customers, and other essential business concerns.
  2. A better understanding of your business finances, leaving you with fewer surprises and more control over your cash flow.
  3. Improved decision-making capabilities from precise insights into the actual numbers of your business.
  4. Available professionals who can assist with tough business decisions and clarify business plans.
  5. Peace-of-mind knowing that our team is overseeing, protecting, and continually improving the operations of your business.
  6. A strong base of financial controls to reduce employee theft and increase profits.
  7. Expert training and management of your accounting staff.

Controller Services for Better Business

Image of business people shaking handsFractional controller services from our experts take general accounting support to the next level. We pair bookkeeping support with the development and analysis of detailed reports. We base our advice on established goals, helping you make the savvy business decisions when opportunities arise.

We help you prepare for unforeseen challenges without you needing to spend countless hours analyzing numbers and trying to come up with solutions. Our support can restore your time and energy, resulting in improved profit margins, streamlined accounting, bookkeeping, and organized financial reporting.

By improving and organizing your accounting, we can ensure you have access to precise and superior reporting. We present all of this to you in comprehensive weekly and monthly reporting and will answer any questions about the information provided.

Contact Us for Fractional Controller Services

With our outsourced controller services, you'll have answers to crucial business questions as well as the support of a trusted accounting firm. We cater to small businesses, growing companies, and those looking to downsize their full-time staff. To schedule your free consultation, reach out to us today!

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