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Part-Time CFO Services

Comprehensive Part-Time CFO Services

businessman looking at finance graphs in tabletA growing business ultimately requires a specialized workforce to maintain high productivity. Although you might register higher income, it might not be enough to justify expensive positions such as a full-time CFO. The best solution is to hire a part-time CFO, which gives you the expertise you need at a fraction of the cost.

Our professionals are flexible enough to either come physically to your premises or work remotely. At E-Accounting, we provide comprehensive financial solutions to small, medium, and large businesses throughout the U.S. Contact us today for more details and to schedule a consultation!

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Why Choose Our CFO Services

We take the time to assess your unique needs with the aim of providing customized solutions. We excel at offering financial strategies, insights, and top-notch execution. Our focus is on having flawless collaboration with your executive team. We can provide an interim CFO while you look to fill the position permanently. E-Accounting CFO services include:

  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Financial Statements & Analysis
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Growth Strategy Planning
  • Internal Control Development
  • Accounting Services
  • And More!

Budgeting & Forecasting

close up of calculator and spreadsheetOur team is highly skilled at creating the right models to ensure fiscal health. Budgeting estimates your revenue, costs, and other resources for a given financial year. Forecasting makes a comparison between the budget's expectations and your current financial standing to determine whether you'll achieve the desired results.

One advantage of budgeting is that it helps you avoid unplanned spending. It increases employee morale because they know you've set aside funding for various projects. You can support costly initiatives that are likely to improve the company's bottom line. By comparing your current budget to the previous year's performance, you can identify opportunities for improvement. A comprehensive financial plan also keeps investors and other stakeholders updated on expectations for the coming financial year.

Effective Financial Analysis

One of the essential responsibilities of a competent CFO is to understand whether you're meeting your fiscal goals. Analyzing financial statements helps you attain financial discipline by evaluating specific metrics. They can include sales, profit margins, revenue per employee, and return on equity. You can evaluate these metrics using the cash flow statement, balance sheet, and income statement. The financial analysis process assists with:

Strategy: Professional financial analysis helps the management determine which strategies are most likely to succeed. Other than budgeting, strategy formulation includes pricing analysis, tax planning, cost evaluation, and performance analysis. You know exactly how much to pay in taxes and other obligations.

Funding: A proper business plan contains funding details for current and future projects. Its financial analysis section should include a profit-and-loss evaluation, break-even analysis, and a forecast of personnel expenses. Investors and creditors are more likely to commit their resources if these figures are organized and understandable.

Management: A firm understanding of the financial aspects of your business helps you develop better internal controls. It also enables the use of data analytics in making crucial decisions, as well as providing useful information to organizational departments.

Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management is vital to business success. It helps you pay wages, replenish inventory, fund expansion, and take advantage of business opportunities. Our team can also implement various strategies to help you raise capital and cut costs. They include asking for milestone payments or deposits for contracts, eliminating unnecessary expenses, selling idle equipment, and increasing profit margins.

Our specialist will also negotiate with vendors for better payment terms and offer discounts to customers who pay ahead of schedule. These strategies are crucial to understanding your business and ensuring long term growth.

Accounting Services for Your Growing Businesses

business team analyzing finance chartsWe bundle our CFO services with accounting solutions that are beneficial to your company. They include managing accounts payable and receivable, tax services, and financial reporting. Every month-end, our specialists conduct account reconciliation, as well as weekly updates of the most relevant reports. Another essential service is preparation for the annual audit. Our commitment to sound accounting principles provides valuable data that guides your company's decision-making process.

Additional CFO Services We Offer

Our team finds it rewarding to help businesses like yours understand and improve their financial situation. We become part of your team and we are fully dedicated to your success. Developing, managing, and evaluating your company's financial performance is key to maximizing profitability and progress. Services we perform to achieve this include:

Growth Strategy Planning: This process involves defining your customers' needs, then positioning your products and services accordingly.

Internal Control Development: Without structure and discipline, your growth will stagnate or even decline. Internal controls save your organization money by increasing compliance, productivity, and overall efficiency.

Get the Financial Expertise Your Business Deserves

At E-Accounting, we have a reputation for honesty, reliability, and professionalism. We design our part-time CFO services with your best interests in mind. Our goal is to help you stabilize the financial aspects of your business while you focus on implementing its growth strategy. Contact us today for a full overview of our solutions and a free consultation!

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